All products are made with quality, fresh ingredients.

Local and/or organic produce, including seasonal fruits.

Small batches, made to order.

No preservatives, all natural.

CLASSIC Autumn/Holiday PIES:

(All pies are 9")

Apple Oatmeal Crumble cinnamon, brown-sugar oatmeal... $28

Apple Pear cinnamon, ginger, vanilla ... $28 

Salted Caramel Apple Pie cinnamon, nutmeg, creamy caramel ... $29

Iced Hot Chocolate graham cracker crust, dark chocolate, whipped cream ... $28

Amish Brown Sugar evaporated milk, cinnamon ... $16

Classic Pumpkin cinnamon & spice... $16

Pumpkin Praline cinnamon, spice, brown-sugar, pecans ... $18   

Bourbon Pecan maple, vanilla, bourbon... $27


 (mini 2" tarts are available, sold 12 per order, inquire for prices)

                                                                                                4" Tartlet              9" Tart

Jam Tarts almond flour crust...  $ Prices coming soon... inquire till then.
            apricot and shaved coconut
            strawberry and sesame seed
            blueberry and slivered almonds
            fig and poppy seed

Citrus Curd shortbread crust, dark chocolate shavings... $

Frangipane almond cream topped with seasonal fruit (pear)... $

Nutella Hazelnut Tart... $


(Cookies are sold and priced by the dozen)

Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk... $ Prices coming soon... inquire till then.
Flourless Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter... $
Sicilian Almond...
Vanilla Bean Sugar....
Chocolate Ganache Sandwich...

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