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Growing up as a first generation Italian meant that most holiday's or celebrations revolved around food.  I can remember spending Sunday's at my grandfather's house with 4 or 5 women (including my Mom, Aunts, and older cousins) all congregating in the kitchen with pots boiling, cutlets frying, and veggies being chopped.  My job was usually to help set the table, sometimes two tables because there were so many of us.  But, I did enjoy watching and smelling what the women were cooking up.  I was always used to home-cooked meals pretty much every night.  So, I find it surprising when people comment on how good my cooking is and sometimes amazed that I cook and bake so often- to me that's just how I was raised.  I hope to instill this tradition in both my young boys.  Fresh is the secret to great food; one of the most important things I learned from my family is that making food from fresh natural ingredients will always taste better and be better for you.  As I got older I developed a love for baking from cakes and cookies to brownies and sweet breads.

Fast forward to today; I have started this blog with hopes of some day baking professionally and opening a bakery.  This platform seems like a great step along my path.  I would like to offer my baked treats, focusing on pies, tarts, and cookies to my friends, family, and neighbors.  But, also share my journey of starting this business from pretty much ground zero.

In case some people were worried or concerned- food safety is something that I don't take lightly.  I took a course on Restaurant Management and food safety and passed (with a 90%) the ServSafe Certification in April 2015 and my license is good through April 2020. 

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